Why manifesting isn't working for you

Have you ever tried using the law of attraction before?Maybe you’ve watched the movie “The Secret”, and although there was some part inside of you that was going.. “come on, this has to be too good to be true”..  You really did want to give it a shot because well.. don’t we all want to believe that we can have whatever we want in this life?And so you might have even tried it on a very small item before.. manifest seeing a white feather (like the movie describes), or getting a free dinner.. but then you went to try it again, and this time it didn’t really work.Yet, you see all of these spiritual entrepreneurs online talking about it day in and day out.  Giving examples of how it has worked for their clients over and over and over again.  And you’re left with two thoughts:  I must be doing something wrong orIt just doesn’t work for meBut, there’s a key piece that most people miss when trying to manifest their desires.. whether that’s a new promotion, a larger monthly income, a certain number of clients for the month.. you name it, it’s all possible for you when you get this one piece right.And that key piece is: feeling the feelings of it already being yours.It’s one thing to think about what it is that you want, it’s another thing to generate the feeling like you already have what it is that you want.  You have to feel what it’s like to already have your $10,000 per month income, feel the feelings of being solidly booked with clients, to be booked weeks or months in advance, to already have the promotion, to already have the car of your dreams.  And this is the most challenging pace because wanting to manifest a million dollars when you know you don’t have a million dollars is extremely challenging.  What it takes though is putting yourself in a place, in the feeling of knowing it’s coming and how it makes you feel.  And what you’re going to do with that money, how you’ll spend it when your $10,000 per month comes in.  It’s knowing that it’s yours before you have it in your bank account.Sometimes we can feel so stuck when we’re trying to reach a new goal, we’re focusing so hard on it, we block ourselves from being able to feel this.  If you’re working towards a new goal right now, and feeling stuck, feel free to reach out!  I'm always here to help!!Much love,Roseanna

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